Our concept

You in mini!

We offer you an original concept that is to create your own custom bobble head from your photos.

Just send us the pictures of your head, your clothes (if necessary), so that our artists reproduce a mini-you.

Each customized bobblehead is made just like the customer according to his physical traits and his personality. The customer can then give free rein to all his ideas. Our only limit is your imagination!

We model not only the face and the personality traits of the person but also the body, the clothes requested, the hairstyle, the position, the background, thus allowing a total personalization of your personalized figurine.

We can model your craziest ideas in every detail. And even if you are out of inspiration, you can choose from hundreds of body models!

Mini-Face® custom bobbleheads, the best fun gift!

Here’s how to get your personalized figurine in few steps :

Step 1

Choose a body model from hundreds of models available or upload pictures of your clothes and enter the description of the pose. 

Notice : In the case of the customization of your body, you will also receive a picture to confirm or make some changes if necessary. 


Step 2

Upload your pictures directly on our website. Just let yourself be guided.

The pictures will allow us to carve your figurine. The quality of the pictures you provide is very important.

They must be clear and close up of head, take from straight on. The quality and the likeness of the figurine will depend of the pictures sent. 

Notice: you will receive pictures to confirm or ask some changes if needed at every step during production.

Step 3

Receive your Mini-Face® bobblehead by clicking on "Add to Cart" button, gets you to record your order. Your clone will then join his owner soon !

For every occasion : birthday, wedding, Bridal Shower, Christmas, Valentine's Day, graduation, father’s day, mother’s day, retirement, championship… But also company gift, business gift, partner gift…


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