Making steps

Step 1 

The process begins with you !

Every sculptor analyzes your photo and the structure of the head which must be reduced.

Custom bobblehead facial structure

Did you know? The first thing our brain learns to recognize, these are the features of a face.For this reason we are all able to immediately recognize a person we have not seen for several years and which has aged.

Step  2

With an incomparable talent, the face takes shape under the hands of the artist in a few hours. The head,unique, like his owner.

Custom bobblehead making

NB: Photographs will be sent. You can then submit your comments if necessary.

Step 3

For full custom head-to-toe figurine, the body is also fully modeled. Each element of the body is sculpted by the artist with great precision in the pose and the situation of your choice.

Custom bobblehead making

Step 4

The figure must be assembled and subjected to long baking process, which will ensure an unmatched finish. Your figurine is born !

Custom bobblehead baking

Step 5

Each figurine will undergo a detailed checklist before leaving the workshop.

Only after having passed all these steps your custom figurine will be carefully packed and shipped.

custom bobble head package

Mini-Face® quality

We produce only superior-quality personalized figurines. Our custom bobble heads are only designed by sculptors with minimum 10 years of experience in facial expression.

Our customized bobbleheads are the result of a long process of creation and checking. We believe that Top-quality bobble heads should be accessible to all. Our custom bobbleheads are made of polymer clay. It is a matter based oxylithe and alabastrite, non-toxic, non-corrosive and does not contain lead in accordance with European standards.

Quality standards

They can be preserved all your life because they are composed of rotproof materials in the time. They are water resistant, so you can clean with a damp rag to remove a stain or dirt. Your personalized figurine will find then all its brightness. They can resist light accidental shocks. They are less fragile than they look like it!

Our customized figurines are not toys but elements of decoration. Keep outof reach of children.


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